This definitively dismantled the edifice of mendacity!!!

Subscribing to the Palm Beach Post has definitively dismantled the edifice of mendacity or, in other words, “THANK YOU!” Thanks to the Palm Beach Post I have a newspaper that uses big words with up to 5 syllables. The line was in Sunday’s Op Ed column by George F. Will who writes for the Washington Post in reprint of his opinion piece titled “Historian’s words helped bring down Soviet Union.” –

I wake up feeling good again. The fading of objective reporting is becoming an antiquated idea taught to me in newspaper 101. The use of big words, lack of typos (I make tons of those!), and wonderful story telling make me a huge fan of the Post!

To be sure, our other So. Flo. papers have excellent journalists – I’m not pandering – I mean it. But I can’t help but adore a sentence that includes… “This definitively dismantled the edifice of mendacity…” Forgive me if I use that line on Saturday at the Journalism event being held in Miami – and join me for my resume writing workshop while you are there! – Linda, SFPRN president/founder


Forging the Future 2015 : Full Day Event in Miami

South Florida Journalists and Reporters

Saturday, August 15, 2015
9:00 AM

Koubek Center
2705 Sw 3rd St
Miami, FL

Price: $40.00 per person

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SPJ Florida, SPJ Region 3, the South Florida chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the South Florida Black Journalists Association have teamed up for an intense one-day conference in Miami. The event will focus on tec…
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