Facebook Apps Have Swallowed Me Whole

I just realized that I have logged into more sites using Facebook than I ever realized and never deleted those I don’t use anymore…which gives me the creeps. With so much online identity high jacking, I figured I would clean it up a bit. Requires more than a bit. These apps have access to a lot of data. I think. I don’t know. I’m not a backend sort of user.

In short, stroll over to your Facebook Apps and review them. I often sign on to sites using a new user name and password rather than Facebook for this very reason. Problem is, I am lazy and busy so they make it too easy to go the route of linking up. Which is like hooking up with a guy you hardly you and then don’t see any more after one or two dates. Do it, you’ll feel good when it’s done.

Linda, SFPRN Founder/Moderator

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