The elusive hunt for a job in So. Flo.

True story: Years ago I interviewed for a job and the prospect said, in front of others, “no one has lasted in this job and we don’t expect you to either.” I loved the honesty. It came at a time when I was putting my toe in the water for teaching part-time at a university and I was game to give it a shot. I kept that job with ME Production for 12 years until the founder retired. I took a few risks to show them what I could do. Today, I work from home! Plus, I take on freelance work and love doing resumes and career counseling for my PR peers.

It’s summer in Florida and the worst time for job hunting. I’ve provided many with low cost resumes and career advice through On Call Resumes. I’ve had excellent results and feedback. Send your resume to me in WORD format (oncallresumes (at) aol (dot) com.

Labor Day is approaching. Be prepared for your next best opportunity!

Linda Hamburger
SFPRN Founder/Moderator
Phone: (561) 372.9691