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Planning for the annual American Advertising Awards is in full swing. This year is a special year – we are expecting a higher volume of participants due to the National awards being held in Fort Lauderdale, and we know Miami is always a great representative of our community when it comes to creative work.

Among our winners and sponsors at this year’s ADDYs, we’ll also be recognizing our Scholarship donors. To learn more about our scholarship, please read our full mission statement below. We are accepting donations until January.
AAF Miami

Because the pursuit of creative passion is often a luxury not afforded to everyone.

Here in Miami, we are not immune nor naïve to the disparity we live amongst. Our city offers luxury and hardship, opportunity and limitations. The system we live and work in is governed by many factors we cannot begin to control or alleviate – socio-economic, cultural, institutional, etc. But, as a club that is committed to the progress of creativity and equal opportunity for all, we aim to make this small step in alleviating some of the financial burden around the next generation’s objective of a career in the creative industry.

That’s why we are introducing the Creative Futures Scholarship. In its inaugural year, the number of scholarships is yet to be decided and is largely donor-dependant, so we hope our community of members and leaders will rise to the occasion. Here’s how it works:

  1. Teachers in Title 1 schools in some of Miami’s most deserving neighborhoods will nominate graduating students that have shown an aptitude and skill for creative roles, whether design, writing, illustration, multimedia, or others.
  2. While judging our American Advertising Awards, our professional judges will look at the nominations, as well as the student work, and their plans for the future.
  3. They will select a winner (or winners) based on merit and skill. This recipient (or recipients) will be awarded and honored at the American Advertising Awards we hold in the spring.

The amount of the award and the number will depend on our community, and how many agencies and partners come forward to donate. We hope the amount provided will help to solve student issues around pursuing their creative dreams, such as providing the amount for supplies, a computer, transportation, or meals.

But we can’t do it without you. Please donate on behalf of your organization or as an individual.
All donors will be recognized at our 2019 American Advertising Awards.

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