Do You Look Like a Job Hopper?

How many jobs are on your resume? A lot? A whole lot? None? – you are in PR. I have a database in excess of 3,000 public relations professionals in the tri-county area. You are likely “normal.” I know this because I have to switch the South Florida Public Relations Network (SFRPN) database to personal emails. Jobs change a lot.

It’s your skill set that is the money. Not the glitzy name of your most recent past employer(s) that you lasted 6 months to a year with. Condense and focus on those skills. Don’t be paranoid that you are the worst employee that ever landed on Earth.

You might want to send me your personal email for the dbase or to update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Linda Hamburger / Email: FloridaPRNetwork (at)
President and Founder of the South Florida Public Relations Network