How many members are the South Florida Public Relations Network? Lots!

Yahoo – 547

LinkedIn Group – 1,024

Facebook Page – 362

Facebook Group – 579

Twitter – 270

Google – 278 followers

· Blog – 704


An Increase of 523 from last year at this time

Propriety Database for Email Alerts: 3,835

Recruit others because I can’t add our community “newbies” since I personally don’t know who they are. Share the links.

Did I mention the other databases for event producers, media and hospitality? We’re Big and we’re Bad er, great! Bad only in that you don’t want to make your PR person angry. I believe most of us know why! Enjoy the Day!

Note: I may have some overlap or left something out such as those person who follow me personally and get same posts. I don’t get paid so sorry for that if it happens.

Linda Hamburger

SFPRN Founder and Moderator
FloridaPRNetwork (AT)