You will be fired. And Underpaid.

There are two MAJOR complaints that I hear often from transplants.

1. Floridians don’t use turn signals

2. Our salaries (fill in your own words here) are way too low compared to any other state.

As bona fide Floridians we know this and are used to it, accept it, are proud of being survivors in a jungle.

As a resume writer I always provide this advice: No matter how much you made “up north” act enthused and extremely excited to be offered a low wage job, especially if you are entirely out of work. I know it’s hard, but remember… you are acting. Once you get a job and still you need more money, continue to job hunt because lordy knows your employer is going to let you go one day.

Your employer is possibly case building right now, as you read this. Sadly, I’ve suffered through the death of a two people that I loved and employed me; company closures and relocations; new managers (and university Chairs) put into place; my own personal reasons either health or possible boredom – rarely ever did I leave a company because of pay. If I was treated well and liked my job, I stayed. And yet, circumstances always change. Sometimes heartbreakingly so.

Yup – I’ve been fired more than I’ve been hired. I take those difficult experiences as a badge of honor. I started On Call Resumes because I got really good at finding work. I took those lessons and now provide people with awesome resumes so they can also move along in Florida’s volatile job market. I mentor. I love it.

If you have skills and experience you will move on and up. Careers go up. Go down. Go up. Go a little down. Stagnate. Florida does not have a lot of high wage jobs. But, we have jobs – lots of them. You may be underemployed but not often unemployed.

On the driving thing – if you are new to the area – use your turn signal and I assure, the car behind you and next to you will likely speed up and prevent you from changing lanes.

I may be embarrassed to be a smug Floridian but it is like being proud of my cat. Soft purring kitty kills mice that want to invade my house. I admire its stealth even as I abhor its methods.

In summary, if you feel stuck in your job or need a new resume, for any reason…I’m here with great advice, and a super new look that leads to interviews.

Best to all SFPRN-ers!

Linda Hamburger

SFPRN Founder and Moderator

And Owner, On Call PR and On Call Resumes

Email your resume to oncallresumes for a look over // oncallresumes (at) aol (dot) com