Sun Sentinel, What Happened?!?

First I thought it was a fluke. Then, I figured it was a secret plan to increase sales. The paper is much improved these days. Has been for some time now. The issues are more balanced and cover a wider range. There is more investigative work being done. The writers are good and there are feww tipos. My favorite writers are there (I won’t name names). You’re not a perfect paper. I still write in when annoyed. But overall, “Thank You!” for the effort and for coverage that is more diverse in content than it had been.

While I’m at it –thank you Sun Sentinel for exposing the move by Office Depot to drop Zimmerman. SHAME ON OFFICE DEPOT!!! Anson Williams, aka “Potsy” told me that I was MUCH better than any New York City publicist he ever worked with. The grass is not always greener in NYC. I am offended that a locally headquartered company would snub its nose at our very, extremely talented local agencies. Just our community of graphic artists and animators blow away almost any other region in the U.S. for technology and talent. To the helm of this dunderhead Office Depot decision, I am offended. And, fellow SFPRN-ers, you should be too.

Linda Hamburger

SFPRN Founder/Moderator