South Florida PR Network Celebrates 8 Years!

Hard to believe but Labor Day was the 8th anniversary of the South Florida Public Relations Network – an organization I started pre-Facebook, LinkedIn and all the rest. Started almost on a whim with under 200 names in 2006. In fact, I recall my shock when I had 200 names signed up. We only had Yahoo Groups and that site is still up and running. Since then, of course, SFPRN now has a presence on LinkedIn; FB; Twitter; Google; Yahoo and its own web site, Between those platforms and our proprietary database, SFPRN reaches the largest PR audience of professionals in the tri-county region. Thousands. A great way to stay in touch on our local news, organizations, events and my personal notes that get snuck in there now-and-then.

There are areas SFPRN could improve. So, if you want to become a sponsor, know a company that wants to sponsor, or want to get involved in some way – get in touch! Love to hear from you.

Happy Birthday SFPRN!

Founder & Moderator

Linda Hamburger