WHAT THE BLEEP DOES THIS MEAN?? I went to a conference and learned buzz

I learned some new party lingo. Try these phrases on for size to impress clients, prospects, and even professors. The 2nd Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at Disney sponsored by Ragan’s was outstanding. The phrases are educational and fun – try them on for size and guess at the meanings. – Linda @ oncallpr / founder of SFPRN

Buzzwords and Buzz Phrases – Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference.

Breadcrumb approach to marketing

Brand Journalists

Refridgerator Journalism


Zombie social media site

Information snacking

Shingle site


Strategic connection to brand

Digital holiday


Viral, paid and organic


Synthetic biology

Unstoppable happiness

Cause content

Organic search

Give consumers AOD (allocate the dollars)

Frontload maintained with boosting

Loyalty loop

Overlap boost

Aspiration content

Audacious quest

Reason leads to conclusions / emotion leads to action

Special snowflake sites


Sharable content

Snackable world (140 characters and 90 is sweet spot on Facebook)

Moving to community building

Build Trust Over Data

Economy of Attention

Sniff Test

Truncate long image

GMO initiative – Genetically Modified Organisms

Don’t let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good

Snackable pieces

Look Books

Transactional piece of it an hour

Have a paid vendor company check every hour “I See You See”

The BINGO VIDEO / The BINGO MOVEMENT(I MADE THIS ONE UP!!! It’s that special moment when “bingo” hits you – like an epiphany only better) – linda