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Social Media Monitoring Reports are Now Available

Hello, Linda

If you’ve accessed Business Wire Connect in the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably noticed something new – our announcement about Social Media Monitoring Reports, powered by NUVI, orderable with each of your press releases. These easy-to-read reports provide you with the ability to monitor conversations happening in the social space. By listening to what social media users have to say about your company, industry and topics, you’ll have better intelligence for conducting your PR, IR and marketing campaigns.

Those reports, the Social Media Snapshot ($70) and the Social Media Landscape ($150), are now available when you upload a press release for distribution to English-language circuits.

Beginning today, after you’ve selected a circuit in the Distribution step of the ordering process, you’ll see the following notification:

Connect popup for NUVI reports

This will allow you to add either of the two report options:

The Social Media Snapshot ($70), a two-page summary of social media activity surrounding a press release event. The report aggregates and analyzes data for seven days or 10K mentions.

The Social Media Landscape ($150), an in-depth six-page report illuminating the social media conversations, sentiment, and influence surrounding a press release event. The report aggregates and analyzes data for seven days or 50K mentions.

To select one of the report options, click the “Add Social Media Monitoring” button. To bypass this step, click the checkbox that says, “No, not now,” then click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen. You must perform one of these steps to continue with your order.

Once you’ve selected a report option, you’ll be prompted to add at least one, and up to ten, topics/keywords that NUVI will use to monitor social media mentions about your press release, organization, and brand; e.g. Twitter handles, hashtags, company website URL. Enter your keyword(s) and click “Continue” at the bottom of the screen to proceed with your order.

After your press release is distributed, your NUVI Social Media Report will be made available to you as part of your NewsTrak Report under the Social Media Monitoring section.

If you have any questions about this new step in the ordering process, or about NUVI Social Media Reports, please contact your account executive.

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