The elusive hunt for a job in So. Flo.

True story: Years ago I interviewed for a job and the prospective employer said, in front of others, “no one has lasted in this job and we don’t expect you to either.” I loved the honesty. It came at a time when I was putting my toe in the water for teaching part-time at a local university and so I was game to give it a shot. 12 years later and I still worked with the company, part-time, and loved most of it. I took a few risks as a newby to show them what I could do. I’ve moved on to another wonderful entertainment production company, part-time, and it was with much gratitude to my mentor and friend and ME Productions,. Hal Etkin, CEO. Hal retired, sort-of, and I wanted a change.

PTT of Florida, is a company that provides crew for backstage work. They never had an in-house PR person that offered to move them toward the emerging online social media sites. I gave them a pitch and went PT in-house with PTT of Florida. Great group of people and I’m happy to be there. My mentor, friend and company director, Maria Munro, got me involved with the Lauderhill Regional Chamber of Commerce and other activities she is manager of. Maria also stages complete events with Unique Production (

I enjoy my work and took a less conventional approach. For 12+ years it’s been part-time PR and part-time adjunct work. Sadly, the adjunct work has now sputtered as budgets have been cut. The irony being, the class I was to instruct at FAU was transferred to another faculty member only a week before it was to start. To me, it underscores how all employees have to remain flexible, open minded, and willing to take a “job” while searching for a “career” opportunity.

I’ve provided many with low cost resumes and career advice through On Call Resumes. I’ve had excellent results and feedback. Send your resume in WORD format and show up at the next SFPRN event on Friday, Sept. 7th. It’s only $50 for new graduates and not much more for seasoned professionals. Then, remember me when your new company is hiring – I can use the work too.

Labor Day is approaching. Be prepared for your next best opportunity!

Linda Hamburger

SFPRN Founder/Moderator