Who’s more dangerous? PR or Journalist?

Who’s more dangerous? A disgruntled fired, axed journalist or a disgruntled ex-PR professional? I’m saying “PR Pro” – I never could understand why clients and employers take a gamble with their PR person by not circumventing an angry ex with some political finesse. Those skills which make them great at PR are also good for anti-PR. Seems evident.

Once, I read a book and more than one client advised – help find the no-go person a new job or gig and give a great recommendation. That way, you get rid of them and make a friend at the same time.

Have I ever tried the hatchet job on an ex-employer? Yes. Many years ago I hired an attorney and thus enjoyed a wonderful 3 month vacation on the beach courtesy of breach of contract. Also a feature on front page of USA Today which I still have framed on my wall. I lost the job but had a lot of fun in the process. Of course, it was such a case of extremes by the company that it was easy to make a noisy exit. (FYI: not a South Florida local company!)

Linda H.

Identity concealed to circumvent ideas that I might do this again.