RICHARD JEWELL (stupid movie name, great movie) — This movie is phenomenal for the historic benchmark that was the Olympic Bombing in Atlanta and foremost, the fantastic acting of PAUL WALTER HAUSER. Never heard of him? The story is real because the man in front of the camera is, well, real. No CGI. Think Taxi Driver – the original – and there-in lays the level of this talent of this actor.

Let’s visit other cast members:

Jon Hamm

Kathy Bates

Sam Rockwell

Get this going viral, my media clique-sters. I left knowing, absolutely knowing, that these actors are the people they portray. Doppelgangers. Thank me later for a higher brow of entertainment!

I can name many other great movies with stupid names. Throw up a few for us now 😊

Linda Hamburger

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