Winter Gear Guide for Oxygen magazine submissions

Hi publicists,

I’m working on Oxygen magazine’s Gear Guide section for their Spring issue. If you have anything that may work, please let me know.

The section will be broad and open to anything that would be relevant to the Oxygen reader, but for this Spring section, it’s all about foods, snacks, and drinks, including:

  • Workout snacks and drinks
  • Low-fat
  • Low-carb
  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • General snacks/drinks
  • Supplements
  • Meals

I also have PDF’s of how the Winter issue’s sections turned out that I can send over, which included brands such as: Skechers, Maloja, Hydro Flask, Chef’s Cut, Pelican, Hypernight, LifeFuels, Hurom, Power Plate, Brim, Muse 2, and Bee Raw, and more

If you represent anything that you believe may work (the Oxygen reader is female, fit, and health-conscious), please reach out and let me know. I’ll be testing all items on several female college athletes.

IF… you submitted something for the Winter issue, just know that if it was tested, it’s automatically moved into contention for the Spring issue.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions, and as always, if this opportunity doesn’t fit with your present clientele, I simply hope it’s appreciated that I presented it to you and I’m certain my next request will find a better match.

Thanks again and have a terrific day!

Myatt Murphy

BIO: Myatt Murphy has written over 900+ feature stories and continues to write on travel and gifts, lifestyle + exercise, celebrity, first-person humor and relationships for over 50 national magazines including: Delta Sky, Details, Esquire, Fitness, Glamour, GQ, Health, Instyle, Maxim, Maximum Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, MSN, Muscle and Fitness, New York Times, Outside, Parents, People, Redbook, Self, Shape, Sports Illustrated, The Knot, The Nest and Yahoo.

Murphy also ghostwrites for TV and movie celebrities. His clients have included Jaclyn Smith, Laila Ali, Ice T and many other media celebrities.

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