It’s my birthday – I want to be 13 again!! But not like this – See it. Then call NAMI or visit the Fbook page or whatever…I don’t care.

“It’s hopeless”

“why bother”

“The system is useless”

“the parents are lousy”

“the kid is a bad seed”

“guns are to blame…”

“the school system…”

“the dumbing down of whatever…”

“I knew someone who…”

“Not my problem.”

Zombies are easier to battle than mental illness, drugs, self-harm, and 13-year-olds.

But, Why be normal? (that was our 13-year-old high school mantra at Pine Crest Prep in Fort Lauderdale oh, yeah…I’m GOAT).

Call the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) when this 13, 14, or 15-year old is a danger to themselves or others call (561) 688-3000 or in Broward (954) 831-8905.

See the movie, Thirteen, it is like um totally NIFOC – just sayin.

Happy freakin’ expletive to me. I blew the candles out for someone I don’t know.