Aug 29: Learn How Google Works and Put Your New Skills Into Practice

Google – How does it work?


You’re invited to our next digital workshop.

AAF Miami invites our members to our next workshop on Google – get the skills you need to use Google to rise in the ranks organically, launch effective paid campaigns, and push unwanted results off the search page.

We’ll be going over how Google works, what factors affect your rank, and what you can do about it. We’ll cover the difference between SEO and SEM, what you need to make advertising on Google worthwhile, and free tactics you can start right now to rank higher.

When: Wednesday August 29 at 8pm

Where: Tedge Mindful Co-Working (Shops at Midtown)

Prizes! Take notes or bring your business card to get the deck after the workshop. Our prize this month will be provided by Tedge and is one month of free co-working at Tedge!