Profile opp in FIRST for Women

Hi publicists,

I have multiple media opportunities this year, but not necessarily for your clients—but your moms, sisters, aunts, friends, neighbors, and maybe even you.

As you know, I’m the senior entertainment editor for first for women, which also runs beautifully done profiles on real people that have overcome certain obstacles or achieving amazing things. So, I figured I would offer you the opportunity to get a friend some exposure seen by millions, so that they might be able to positively influence someone else. After all, we all know at least one incredible woman out there that’s doing something or has accomplished something so admirable that we wish more people knew about it—because it could inspire others to do the same.

So here are the types of profiles I’m interested in:

1. I’m looking for women over 45+ who are making (or saving) money in unusual ways. We generally shoot one of the women; the others provide photos of their own, and if they have a website, book, or product they want to mention, we can generally accommodate that.

2. I’m looking for women who have overcome a common health woe that women over 40+ relate to (such as aching joints, declining mental function, diabetes, back and neck pain, knee and hip pain, mental and emotional distress, etc.) by practicing fitness activities, like yoga, hiking and dance-cardio, for example.

3. I’m looking for women who have that have lost at least 100 lbs.

4. I’m looking for women who are doing something to improve their health that is compelling and unusual. Something that improves their health and/or emotional well-being that’s more of a trend.

5. Finally, I’m looking for inspirational women who have overcome some incredible hardship, or doing good for someone else and/or receiving something really wonderful from someone and committing to paying it forward.

If you have somebody in mind, give me an idea of what makes them special, and I’ll get it in the hands of the right editor. I’ll also send you over a few PDFs if you want to see how they typically handle that section. Again… It’s an opportunity to give someone you love and admire the attention she deserves. So I hope that this request finds you well, and that it is appreciated that I make these opportunities open to you.

I look forward to hearing what you might think and have a fantastic day!

Myatt Murphy

BIO: Myatt Murphy has written over 900+ feature stories and continues to write on travel and gifts, lifestyle + exercise, celebrity, first-person humor and relationships for over 50 national magazines including: Delta Sky, Details, Esquire, Fitness, Glamour, GQ, Health, Instyle, Maxim, Maximum Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, MSN, Muscle and Fitness, New York Times, Outside, Parents, People, Redbook, Self, Shape, Sports Illustrated, The Knot, The Nest and Yahoo.

Murphy also ghostwrites for TV and movie celebrities. His clients have included Jaclyn Smith, Laila Ali, Ice T and many other media celebrities.

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