I can’t believe that I got taken for over $300 by YELP! Not me. I teach Social Media. How could this be?

Yelp gets into your credit card and renews automatically after its bait and switch tactics. $300 FREE ads for one month. I never ever ever renew ads knowingly with my credit cards. Like as in “NEVER AUTO RENEW EVER”. That is how I know with 100% certainty that this is one of the worst and biggest scams that I ever fell for. Ever.

For $300 – I got about 6 “clicks” over 2 months of them dipping into my pocket, without my knowledge until my credit card statement arrived. I’ve had bait and switch tactics come before and always mark my calendar to close the “free samples” before that term ends.

They REFUSE to make any compensation on this dirty practice.

I will report to Better Business Bureau. I will report to Consumer Affairs. I will report to my bank. I will warn whomever I can, as soon as I can. That includes YOU! Do not become the next prey. Do not fall for your free taste with this YELP – It is a SCAM. Stay clear.

FYI – I have a client who has dozens of amazingly great reviews on YELP. But two from 2015 are highly negative. Guess what is the only way to change it on YELP. Money Honey. Despicable.