Creepy Job Hopper

Bet you job hop, skip, and jump a lot – if you are in PR. Also bet that you ask yourself (over and over) are you too neurotic, or not skilled in 2 dozen software programs, un-bilingual, or annoying? Or, was it because you refused to lie, maybe the client hates you, you hated the client, or you quit on a whim.

The point being I have a database well in excess of over 3,000 public relations professionals in our tri-county area. Can’t any of you sit still? – I’m joking of course!

You are probably “normal.” Therapy helps. It is always great to read career articles. However, be assured…you are in a club of most.

I know this because I have to switch the South Florida Public Relations Network (SFRPN) database to personal emails versus your job emails which change like all the time.

SPOILER ALERT, here’s an ad: On Call Resumes ( It’s your skill set that is the money more than the glitzy name of your most recent past employer that you lasted a year with. Condense and focus on those skills. Don’t get paranoid that you are the worst employee that ever landed on the Earth.

It’s getting weirdly job-hoppy out there. You might want to send me your personal email for the dbase.

Linda Hamburger

South Florida Public Relations Network

President and Founder

Phone: (561) 372-9691


Email: FloridaPRNetwork

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