GoDaddy Scam – hostage negotiations

“My” domain is now worth $900 thanks to GoDaddy, hostage department. For years, I’ve tried to purchase it back. I let it lapse. Now, to repurchase the price is $900 thanks to GoDaddy, which advertises domain name purchases at 99 cents.

Which is mean spirited and penurious corporate greed – Because, it is buried under layers of corporate names. And, only used as a redirect placeholder to other similar types of services – check it out: – the redirect is extensive. It’s like placing cows on your empty lot to avoid taxes, or lower them, or whatever the cows are there for.

  1. GoDaddy subsidiary is “”
  2. Call and its bait and switch or hijack your wallet
  3. is actually a subsidiary cloud company for “”
  4. is owned by…. GoDaddy
  5. ERGO – GoDaddy is parent company of AND – in the order of
  1. Godaddy
  2. Afernic
  3. Namefind

If I wouldn’t spend close to $1,000 for my own oncallresumes dot com URL that has sat as a redirect for over 5 years thanks to GoDaddy for its profit margins – I’m betting not many other people would either.

I’d be flattered by the price tag but resent the exploitation of a small business interest by a super large business in the business of hostage URL negotiations. $899.00 BUY NOW

GoDaddy – Go (bad word here) yourself. Glad I don’t use the service and never will.

Linda of On Call Resumes (aka

NOTE: GoDaddy does not consider this practice a scam. So, for the sake of legal CLARIFICATION… THIS IS NOT A SCAM BUT A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS PRACTICE that they spent hundreds of thousands – millions of dollars for. Ergo, the need to profit from that investment.