My Plant Looks Like Crap!

Harsh words, but it is one of the ugliest most bug eaten plants in the ‘hood. And, I love it because my plant – whatever it is – served as an incubator for dozens (or more) butterflies. There is a lot of guessing going on here. I think it was supposed to be a night blooming Jasmine. I know that I wanted to pull it up from the ground as a weed numerous times but, mom said she was fond of the thing – it covered the a/c unit. Then the bugs swarmed! Ugly caterpillars. Another guess – maybe moths? The plant was eaten to a bare stick and I am so proud of the new babies now flitting around thanks to its ugly parent. This plant will forever have a home here so long as I do.

Enjoy the day and plant a Milkweed… or something.

Linda Hamburger

SFPRN Founder/Moderator / /

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