I’m Jewish

As a Jew, I regret that I had never taken the few steps over from the Miami Beach Convention Center to view this stunning tribute up close. I traveled to Israel and Washington, DC museums, but never viewed the memorial that I’ve passed hundreds of times in my years in South Florida. Please go see it. There is no cost but the impact will remain a lifetime.

After you view this memorial (in person only!), do me a favor and tell me then, is Trump to be equaled to Hitler and this genocide’s place in history? I am confident that both Democrat and Republican parties in my country wish to keep America strong. I have no doubt that neither party would ever design a regime that slaughters millions. The atrocity of it all is nearly impossible to comprehend by today’s youth. Take your children and please don’t ever forget. Or compare falsely. –

An excerpt by the Artist/Sculptor: “…one can comprehend the number of six million or the fact that each of the six million was a person, with family, friends, and a full life… each enduring the most excruciating agony every second, minute, hour, and day, of the Holocaust. The immensity of this tragedy is infinite. To express it artistically, impossible … but I had to try."

Note: From the road, as you drive by, there is no clue that one can enter these grounds and experience the depth of inhumanity that had occurred barely a generation ago. I urge anyone who wishes to understand why diversity is being applauded today, to see what came before.



Linda Hamburger

Founder SFPRN, On Call PR