Succulent Bummer

My neighbor’s kid is very bright and last weekend asked to take one of my Aloe Vera home to grow. We gave him a brief lesson in succulents and away he happily went. Coincidentally, today’s Palm Beach Post paper has a terrific story on page F11, “Succulents enjoy a spike of popularity in the U.S.” – a perfect story to cut out, give a kid, and he grows an appreciation for newsprint. ‘Cept for one thing. On the backside, most of Page F12, an article entitled “Is Transgender Gigi America’s Next Top Model?” – might not be so cool with his mom. Plus, I don’t want to answer a bunch of questions from an unusually bright child. Granted, it is written by New York Times writer Shella Marikar, and many people might agree that one is never too young to learn about gender identity issues, BUT….

Back in the days when I went to school we were instructed to be careful of the placement of stories – no “hard news” next to ads for sexual enhancement products and such like that. I understand it is difficult to make a case about juxtaposition pages of succulents and transgender, but I just feel bad that I can’t share the story in the way it was intended – in newsprint within an actual newspaper. I’ll just instruct him to go online.

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