Palm Beach Post to Cut More Jobs!

WEST PALM BEACH — We didn’t know there were six employees left at The Palm Beach Post, but apparently there were.

Six full-time and two part-time copy editors at the dying newspaper were laid off over the weekend.

At this point, what’s the use of having a newspaper at all?

To make matters worse, the few readers who still pay big money to see the paper will soon be delivered a product partly produced by another news company based IN OHIO.

Yep, Ohio.

The day when local politicians will be interviewed on Skype by folks with Indian accents can’t be too far ahead!

We’re told by one of the few insiders left at the once proud South Dixie Highway outfit that most of the Palm Beach Post will be designed and edited digitally by people at the Columbus Dispatch!

But since The Post, which attempts to hide its own layoffs from the public while gleefully reporting those at other companies, is printed by the Sun-Sentinel and fills its pages with re-written Gossip Extra stories, it sorta makes you wonder if it’s not a bit … overstaffed.

This weekend’s move comes just seven months after the newspaper laid off another 10 employees, including THE MAINTENANCE MAN!

In more positive news, Ann Cox Chambers, 95, one of the owners of the conglomerate that owns The Post, is still ranked #25 on the Forbes billionaires list with $18 billion to her name.