Inbox Marketing Conference, January in North Miami

Inbox Marketing Conference

In 2009, incorrect predictions circulated in the media on death of email. By today, there is no question on how wrong those predictions were. Email is very much alive. Mobile devices increased its use as well. Add to this the integration of new technologies into email, and the future of email appears to be on the rise.

The 1st annual Inbox Marketing Conference in Miami is an advanced business event focusing on 2 elements: Current issues in email marketing strategies, and the future of email technology and innovation.

The event is for:

· eMail Marketering Professionals

· eMail Providers

· Brands & Retail

· List Management Providers

· Entrepreneurs & Consultants

· Spam Detection Systems Designers

· Servers & System Administrators

· IT and Networking Professionals

The goal of the event is to discuss creative email strategies that work and understand future developments in email technology. Items covered include responsive email design, API’s, spamdetection algorithms, content, analytics, reporting strategy, open rate improvement, list management, and other tips and techniques useful in email marketing.

The two day Inbox Marketing Conference will consist of intensive seminars taht are objective and neutral. Significant time will exist for networking as well. Delegates stand to learn a great deal as we have noticed that many of the best email marketing strategies have been acquired by word of mouth.

Sponsorships are available for the event. We urge all delegates at the event to meet our sponsors in person to build relationships.

Those that attend our trade shows learn significantly. You will also make alot of friends in the market. We believe that you will find this convention exhilarating, interesting inspiring. I hope to see you there.