Your South Florida Chapter of MPI needs you

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Announcement:

Your South Florida Chapter of MPI needs you. We have an excited year ahead and we need our members involvement to move forward. We are actively recruiting volunteers now through October. We invite you to learn more and let us help you get your ROI (Return on Involvement).

About MPI –

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is the largest and most vibrant global meeting and event industry association. Founded in 1972, the organization provides innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities and business exchanges, and acts as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry. MPI membership is comprised of approximately 18,500 members belonging to more than 80 chapters and clubs in 22 countries.

Buying power –

• More than $22 billion in global buying power
• 4,800 planner members exclusive to MPI have about $11.5 billion in buying power

South Florida Chapter’s Mission & Vision –

To be the trusted resource for meetings & event industry opportunities for education and connections in South Florida.

To inspire South Florida Chapter members to become successful by providing:
• Education
• Networking opportunities
• Growth opportunities
• Advocacy for the meetings and event industry

Volunteer Organization –

MPI South Florida Chapter is nearly 100% volunteer driven and the chapter’s progress is limited only by the commitment of its members. Chapters need 25% of their members to step into volunteer roles to help run chapter programs. There are many opportunities available, requiring as few as one or two hours of your time per month. This level of volunteerism also assures that we have a plan for leadership succession.

ROI (Return on Involvement) –

Often times members ask, "How can I get more ROI out of my MPI membership?" Getting involved on a South Florida Chapter of MPI committee is the very best way to develop the kind of relationships that have provided MPI members around the world the kind of ROI they have been looking for.
Get involved with a committee to:

  • Hone your leadership skills
  • Gain vital professional development
  • Broaden your network and industry knowledge

Benefits of joining a committee –

Get to know people who can help you in your business/career and help our chapter be successful at the same time. We need your input to continue to be the trusted resource for meetings & events in South Florida. Committees are always looking for fresh faces and ideas. You can give as much and as little time as your life allows.
In addition, we offer our members a leadership development program that will help enrich your personal life, help you find a healthy work-life balance, grow your business relationships, and help you become the leader of tomorrow.

What committee should you join?

Volunteering is supported by personal drive and passion. Let us know the Return on Involvement you seek so we can assist you in meeting those needs. One things for sure, volunteering on any of the chapters committees listed here will help you make connections that could last a lifetime!
Following is a list of our chapter committees. Please contact any of the Directors listed below if you have any questions, or contact Francesca Radabaugh, MPI South Florida Chapter Administrator at 561-243-3073 or chapteradmin.

The purpose of the Communications/Marketing Committee is to coordinate and present consistent chapter communications to the membership. This committee oversees all aspects of the chapter’s marketing, public relations and communication efforts. The committee proofs, designs and produces all communication and marketing materials for all committees. They review all chapter written communication to maintain consistency of brand and information, Edit, design and publishing skills are helpful, but not required.
Contact: Tahsin Nabid 561- 714- 1596 or dirpublications
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The purpose of the Education Committee is to research, develop and present timely industry topics to the membership that affects positive change. Committee members select program(s) they want to be directly involved in. For stand-alone educational programs, you will work with other members of the committee to research, develop and present the educational topic. This will include accessing and meeting with speakers, working with the venue and designing the logistics of the program.
Contact: Marc Kaplan 305-433-0729 or diredprogramming
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The Finance Committee plans the Chapter budget and oversees channels of revenue including sponsorship and website banner ad sales.
Contact: Steve Crist 561- 233-3050 or dirpartnerships
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This Events Committee is responsible for our three mix-n-mingles which take place monthly in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and for our Special Events. Members select program(s) they want to be directly involved in. This will include venue search and working with the venue to design the logistics of the program.
Contact: Chelsea Litos 954-377-5471 or dirspecialevents
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This committee provides a means for members to derive the greatest benefit from their participation in the chapter’s many volunteer activities, while developing their skills to enable them to become leaders within the chapter. If you aspire to become an active volunteer or a future chapter leader, you can help establish the path to your own fulfillment by contacting this committee for guidance.
Contact: Vimari Roman 786-340-3174 or vpmembership
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Whether your passion is recruitment, retention, orientation or member services, we have a place for you in Membership Committee. Additionally, this committee oversees the phone tree, registration, student committee and all member care.
Contact: Patrick Brochu 786- 413-9085 or dirmembercare
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