Indelible lasting news stories for me

There are way too many news writers, reporters and issues that are hugely deserving of awards. IMO, just being a journalist deserves an award. However, there are two series that stand out most for me. These stories are evidence that our South Florida reporters and editors make a very serious contribution to all quality of life matters.

Florida Prisons

MAY 19, 2015

Scalding-shower death in Dade prison prompts federal probe
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Mental health system under stress: Inside the locked unit


12:01 a.m. March 10 byStacey Singer/Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Palm Beach Post reporter Stacey Singer and photographer Gary Coronado spent about 50 hours over several visits to a place where few journalists or members of the public have ever gone.

The locked units at South County Mental Health Center overflow with people in crisis.

Addicts struggle through withdrawal. A schizophrenic woman argues with an empty chair. A bipolar man paces angrily. Would-be suicides, at least a dozen, numbly stare at the floor, the window, the television, their hands.

AND THEN….sadly…

Revamp of mental-health services dies in Florida Legislature

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