Kudos to Cece Feinberg PR

Professional jealousy! I went to Swim Week Miami last weekend and had a blast. Dozens of amazing events and I was thrilled to have a role to play in promoting the Hammock Show. But, it is Cece Feinberg PR (Miami/New York) who deserves the bikini-clad prize. Every tent I went to, every booth…if you talked PR, someone mentioned Cece. She is the Queen of the Swim Show! While people are dazzled by models in dental floss bikinis, there is a crew behind the scene that don’t walk the catwalk but make it all happen.

Full of energy, ideas, and able to juggle 30 projects with one hand, Cece is one of those PR pros that other PR pros aim to be – working with A-list celebs, glamour events, overseeing a crew and making it all seem almost easy. Here is a PR pro who has my professional recommendation. – Linda Hamburger, SFPRN founder/moderator

Cece Feinberg PR

Miami Office
4040 NE 2nd Ave, #411

Miami, FL 33137
t. 305.532.3467


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  1. Tina Grey says:

    I agree with you . This Swim Week was alot better , more organized ,than Mercedes Benz IMG Swim Week . Feinberg PR employees are all great & professional . This is the best Swim Week in history .

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