Adopted! “Charlie” the baby Gumbo Limbo

First off, it is only because of Butterfly World that Steve and I became passionate about making our garden a butterfly habitat. So imagine how thrilled we were to get a personal response from Ronald Boender, the Founder of Butterfly World!

It was tough to find a baby Gumbo Limbo tree. A little sad in that not many nurseries carry this native. We found a small one at Leserra Nurseries on W. Hillsboro for $25 and called him “Charlie” after Charlie Brown who lugged home that sorry straggly Christmas tree years ago. No one could believe we wanted this 3’ little guy. Lots of people discouraged us and looked at us funny as we went on our search. Everyone said get “flower trees.” We wanted a butterfly and bird tree and one that can take a blow from strong winds and not drop on the house…or us.

When we go to Butterfly World and buy our plants, there is an amazing guy in the garden department who has helped us for years. Don’t know his name but I am sure all the folks are good.

I look forward to keeping our garden great for years to come and to continuing to promote the cause. If you can’t Adopt a Gumbo Limbo, everyone in the world can find room for a Milkweed and save the dying Monarchs. It is so much weird fun to watch the Monarchs eat it up, grow into cocoons, hatch and even poo – I didn’t know!

Best regards,

Linda Hamburger
SFPRN Founder & Moderator

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  1. Julie says:

    Enjoyed this post. My husband an environmental science major taught me so much about gumbo limbos when we were dating. We love seeing the Monarch butterflies and often buy them and let them go in our yard. Every now and then we even purchase lady bugs which naturally help with the white fly infestation on trees 🙂 Who knew!

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