Sunshine State Awards Finalists Announced, and more from SPJ


Sunshine State Awards Finalists Announced!

The finalists for the 21st Annual Sunshine State Awards have been announced. Winners will be announced at the Forging the Future media convention in Miami on Aug. 15. Food and drink start at 4 p.m. and the presentation starts at 5 p.m. Join us as we recognize the best talent in the state and hear briefly from select winners on how they assembled their award-winning entries.

Forging the Future in Miami Aug. 15

SPJ Florida, SPJ Region 3, and the South Florida chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists have teamed up for an intense one-day conference in Miami. On Saturday, Aug. 15, for as little as $30 for professionals and $15 for students, you can learn how to shoot broadcast-quality video from your smartphone, dazzle an employer with a digital resume, and quickly do data journalism. Oh, and you can fly a drone. Learn more.

AirPlay: The Great GamerGate Debate

Forbes has called GamerGate “a consumer movement.” The Washington Post has called it a “misdirected lynchmob.” GamerGate proponents argue it’s really about ethical breaches in video-game journalism, while their opponents say that’s a smokescreen for harassing women who want to assert themselves in gaming culture. If you’ve never heard of Gamergate, hear what both sides say about this yearlong war that has made “journalism ethics” a battle cry.

This three-part debate will be live-streamed nationally, and attendance for the public is free. Learn more here.

Run for the SPJ Florida Board

The Society of Professional Journalists’ Florida Professional Chapter is looking for dedicated members interested in running for the board. We are now accepting nominations to fill positions on the 2015-2016 chapter board. Click here for more information on nominating yourself or others. Nominations should be submitted by 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 8.

Excellence in Journalism 2015 in Orlando!

Did you know that the 2015 National SPJ conference is right here in Florida? This September, SPJ, RTDNA, and NAHJ (quite the alphabet soup, eh?) are combining forces to put on the best journalism conference you will ever go to! SPJ Florida has all your latest news, but visit the conference website often to see when you can register. Be sure to follow SPJ Florida on Twitter and Facebook to see how you can join us!