People News: Larry Carrino

Congratulations to Larry Carrino for being names one of Miami’s Ultimate CEO by the South Florida Business Journal (May 29th issue, 2015)

Larry Carrino

CEO, Brustman Carrino Public Relations

4500 Biscayne Blvd., No. 360, Miami 33137

(305) 573-0658

Larry Carrino is the quintessential mailroom-to-boardroom executive. Just two years out of high school, he joined a successful public relations firm, Susan Brustman & Associates PR, in an entry-level post in February 1995. By 2011, he was named president and owner of the renamed culinary, hotel and arts-related PR and marketing firm, Brustman Carrino Public Relations.

In between, he learned what it takes to run a successful marketing firm: presence under pressure, humor amid stress, and expecting professionalism and personal leadership while encouraging levity in the face of deadlines.

“My industry is a stressful one, and deadlines are a daily presence. This can make things tense, so from the top down, I try to maintain a sense of levity and humor,” he says. “I do not micromanage. I encourage everyone to be a leader in their own projects while knowing that we are all a team here.”

Throughout it all, Carrino fosters esprit de corps among his people. Where other PR firms – and many businesses – seek a competitive drive among their people, he’d prefer a team mentality. This is especially true for those rising in the ranks.

“They work hard and don’t embrace the dramas and craziness that can come with a job in public relations and marketing. They also look out for me, knowing my shortcomings and shoring me up in those departments. We all have each other’s back here,” he says. “I have not forgotten what it was like to be an employee or just making it. I remind myself regularly how lucky I am to be where I am and that, without Susan’s support and mentorship, it wouldn’t have happened.”


Bachelor’s degree in English, Florida International University


Joined Susan Brustman & Associates PR in 1995; named president and owner in 2011.

Personal Note

“I am fiercely passionate about cinema,” he says. “My dream job would be to teach film studies on the university level.”