Miami Integrated Marketing Agency, THR33FOLD

Miami Integrated Marketing Agency, THR33FOLD, Plans for Third Consecutive Year of Explosive Growth

THR33FOLD Prepares for Another Busy Year As More Businesses Demand an Integrated Marketing Model

Coral Gables, Florida (PRWEB) January 27, 2015

THR33FOLD, a fully integrated marketing agency based in Miami, that specializes in integrated digital, social media, public relations, branding, ambient, advertising, interactive, and grassroots developed a business model that leaves the traditional marketing agency environment of departments working in silos in the past. Launching the company six years ago inside a tiny garage with a non-existent client list forced the team members of the bootstrapped agency to work two or three to a desk. An account manager, graphic designer and brand strategist would be at one desk, while a social media strategist, website developer and media planner would be at the next desk. The marketing agency began incorporating all the “departments” into the beginning stages of developing a marketing strategy. A new agency model was born. THR33FOLD was one of the first to bring the integrated marketing agency to clients and has seen rapid financial growth over the past three years since the launch of the new business model.

“The THR33FOLD team became very collaborative and even dependent on each other. We noticed that our work produced better results when we considered all angles,” says Krystal Kinney, lead brand strategist at THR33FOLD. “Most agencies come in to ‘pitch’ an idea to solve a problem. Then they bring all the departments in to implement. We bring all the team heads in to develop the marketing strategy with the client, then we concept as a team. It took a long time to prefect the model, every ‘department’ has a different process, so it took work to create a procedure that really does produce a fully integrated marketing strategy.”

THR33FOLD has doubled its revenue year after year and as 2015 begins, THR33FOLD is preparing for another demanding year. More businesses are making the shift from multiple agencies managing the different aspects of marketing, to one agency that integrates its marketing strategies and implements the marketing strategy as well.

“When we started using the integrated marketing model I had to explain to our clients the benefits of leveraging an integrated marketing strategy of public relations, social media, branding, advertising. It was a hard sell. Funny enough, now clients practically demand it,” explains Kinney.

THR33FOLD is a fully integrated marketing communications agency based in Coral Gables, Florida. Founded in 2009, THR33FOLD creates exceptional and transformative experiences between consumers and brands through 360 campaigns that include, advertising, marketing, social media, digital media, public relations and grass roots initiatives. Learn more about THR33FOLD at