It’s a commercial….but it’s not… but it is depending on how you look at it

My client saved me a couple grand because I was woefully incompetent at handling my own homeowners tax exemptions. Which is to say…. I should have known this considering I work on behalf of Real Estate attorneys for years plus write for real estate trade press. Never-the-less, I haven’t moved in over 15 years and didn’t think to put in for my own homestead exemption. I get walloped with a bill that turned my hair blue. Showed it to my client immediately (Rabideau Law, I put a link below to the LinkedIn page). Guy was very nice and didn’t call me any names but said I better hurry myself straight to the county tax office and beg for mercy. Which worked.

I love clients who do more for me than just pay my retainer. Some of them save me thousands in vendor fees and dunder head mistakes (like the times I colored my own hair – turned it black – learned my lesson and wouldn’t go to anyone else now except Nellie – not even my own bottle of mix-n-match.

Enjoy this day!

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