6 Suggestions to STOP Cel Phone use During Movie Time – Previews and All

I’m a viewer who take my $50 movie going experiences very seriously (popcorn and soda included, with companion/date/spouse)! A female viewer became enraged when I asked her politely to turn off texting during the previews — after the notice had come on to turn off the phone. She insisted that the “lights were still on.” It baffles me why a 10-minute request for common courtesy threw her into an enraged verbal assault that she was escalating. I left the show and never saw the movie.

How to prevent future assaults that recently led to an extremely sad tragedy? I offer up my own few suggestions hoping someone takes a moment to pass it to media outlets.

1. Cel phone only zones

2. Hiring more attendants who sit in to “police” full theaters where people can’t readily move seats (what happened in my instance)

3. Hiring more attendants who stay in the room during previews and the first few minutes of a movie showing – problem is – should we then worry for the welfare of the attendants who aren’t “bouncers” but low wage employees?

4. Scramblers that stop boorish cel phone use during a public entertainment event in an enclosed space that requires quiet.

5. Seat buttons where one can page an attendant should it seem a problem is escalating.

6. Or, an “emergency” type button in one location, near the entry, that will summon an attendant to be used only for an escalating situation

The theater I went to provided me with two free tickets for another showing. However, the event was so traumatizing that I haven’t returned to that theater (the airport Cinemax in Boca). I did use the tickets but at another theater and for a matineee that I knew would not be sold out. Of course, someone was texting during the show. I just can’t get myself to go back to Boca Raton Cinemark on airport road.

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