3 Definite Signs Your Mother is Dysfunctional

The conversation goes like this:

Case example 1: “Mom, look they ran my column ‘Unsung Hero’ on Raising Awareness of Mental Illness 3 times in the Sun Sentinel!” And mom says “Well, they needed to fill the space…”

Case example 2: “Mom, I was honored to provide introductory comments for the first Mental Health Symposium for Enhanced Agency Communications & Awareness hosted by the Broward County Crime Commission. There will be an audience of Broward Sheriff officers, Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren and many other community dignitaries there!” Mom says, “Well, guess nobody else was available.”

Case example 3: “Mom, I graduated first in my class for brain surgery.” Mom replies, “So when do you finish Harvard Law School?”

Mom loves me, but I understand why many comedians are Jewish. Moral of the story – visit the NAMI web site that I am honored to voluntarily maintain and create at www.namibroward.org aka the National Alliance on Mental Illness. And, read the column that keeps on running like an Energizer bunny and my hyper dog, Atlas.

Enjoy the joy!

Linda Hamburger

SFPRN Founder/Moderator