The Barry Epstein Show – cost to get on it.


See below – IMO, Barry Epstein is an innovative PR pro and tremendous asset to South Florida. He has an impressive bio and his show is a lot of fun and information. I posted the link yesterday and Barry sent me the blurb below on what it costs and how to get on the show. Barry also writes a column in the Boca Raton Tribune. And, as I oft mention, a big inspiration to the launching of SFPRN. – Linda @ (SFPRN Founder/Moderator)

Here’s Barry Epstein’s page link:

“… If any of sfprn members have clients they would want on my show to promote their business have them call me at 561.852.0000. I tape Tuesday at 3 pm in BOCA. The only cost is $100 for production and I send a file for them to put on their website. Thanks for posting. Sent from my IPhone
Thank you!
Email Barry at