Why I hate coupons!!

Took my car into Jiffy Lube today and it cost $400. That’s not the issue – the issue is the coupon that I opened up that dropped into my email a couple hours later – ½ price for the oil service and 10% off the rest or atleast $30 less than what I paid. What was I told, “Sorry Charlie. Better luck next time”!

I’m not picking on Jiffy Lube per se… it’s coupons in general – the date has expired; I forget them; I get them after I paid – I think coupons often engender more negative feelings than positive. I only like CVS where it is on a card and I don’t have to do the math, keep little pieces of paper, nickel and dime it per product, etc.

Jiffy Lube, give me back my $30! Haven’t you heard… I’m job hunting.

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