Ever wonder how many are in the SFPRN network?

Ever wonder how many are in the SFPRN network?

I did a quick look and came up with this:

Twitter = 128 members

Blog (www.sfprn.com) = 342 members

Facebook = 212 signed up members

LinkedIn Group = 493 members

Yahoo (the first dating back to 2006) = 658

A proprietary email list of 2,821 who get occasional notices and updates but are not part of any of the group discussion sites

Note: LinkedIn is the least integrated with the Daily Digest. The others, Twitter; FB; Blog and Yahoo all get the same Daily Digest information because it was possible to merge them using a hit of a key.

Have a great day!

Linda Hamburger

SFPRN Founder & Moderator

NOTE: looking ahead to announcing this year’s recipients of the SFPRN recognition award. We have 2 outstanding members who will receive this recognition this year.

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Award-winning publicist with a proven track record of success in promotions. Founder of the South Florida Public Relations Network (www.sfprn.com) and On Call PR.

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