Add Us To Your Advisories etc

Hi Everybody:

Please forgive this mass e-mail blast, but I need to ask you to add me to your email lists for all news releases, advisories, community events etc. The address is News

I’d appreciate it if you would pass this along to your colleagues in other departments or agencies, such as community affairs or police and fire.

Many of you I know and have worked with from my many years with CBS 4 News. I’ve joined the staff of BrowardNetOnline. I’m their managing editor. As such, this allows Andrea Freygang, whom many of you know, to oversee the look of the website and handle the many other needs of being the publisher. In the past two months we have increased our readership by over 30,000 viewers and we’re still tweaking the site and getting things in synch. It can only get better.

When you get a chance check out the website.

My contact info is via the email or by cell phone (954) 790-9889.

Thanks again,


Mark Young, Managing Editor

Cell: 954-790-9889