Please note: Internships should pay a stipend

I am very happy to post internship openings whether paid or just for school credit, but I do urge employers to provide students with a small stipend – whether it is for gas, lunches or an hourly wage. Internships, IMO, are necessary for every student that desires a career in PR, but economics are a factor in their lives. Students usually juggle work, friends, school and tuition/gas keep going up. Even if offer $20 a week, it is $20 that might help pay for gas/tolls.

Students learn through internships but the teach as well. Their social media skills can exceed our own reach. Those contacts also carry a in-kind value. Be considerate of this when possible. Your intern today could possibly be your co-worker, peer or possible employer down the line!

Linda Hamburger, SFPRN Founder/Moderator

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